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There are cheap apps that you can use on your phone and there are professional retouchers.

They are not the same!

If you just want to play around with family smaps and have fun eliminating people and objects from photos, just for a laugh, then those cheap apps are the way to go.

However, if you have a professional business that requires expert image manipulation, those apps will not do the job well enough to portray your business in the right light.
We are digital artists and as such, we are able to repair, retouch and even repaint, in order to rescue seemingly ruined images!

Here are a few examples of professional image retouching that can't be adequately done by click and go apps:


 The issue with the original photo was that it was taken with the light source (in this case, the sun), from behind the subject.

This meant that the detail was always going to be in the shadows.  The photo was to show a decking range and how it looks laid out in a real life setting.

Unfortunately, the photo supplied also included various items left around on the deck, such as runners and dog paraphernalia around the kennel.  There was also some damage to the grass border in front of the deck, which looked tatty.

Our first task was to recover some of the detail using a combination of techniques in Photoshop and Lightroom.  This enabled us to be able to see the details much more clearly by 'rescuing' lost pixels from the original image.

With the detail recovered, we were able to sample parts of the image to recreate the grass and repair the damaged areas.  Sampling the brickwork, decking and digitally painting areas of the kennel, we were able to 'remove' the unwanted items on the deck.

Replacing the grey sky with a brighter, more summery sky finished of the project to a professional standard for the client.





What do you do when two key team members are not there for the photoshoot?

Well in our case, we had to come up with a solution on the spot!  We knew that the missing players were going to be there the following day, so we set up a shot with all the players in position and shot it as though the missing team memebers were there!
The next day, we got the absentees to pose in position and simply added them later!

A bit of magic with the cut outs and lighting effects and you'd never know they weren't all there on the day!





When it just has to be right!

 We are often asked to make colour changes to images.  This colour explorer is a good example of the skills required to ensure a match to a sample product and a colour swatch.
This requires extremely careful expertise to calculate the exact parameters to ensure the swatch and the sample photo are a match.

Only experienced experts can achieve this, taking in to account light spillage, casts and shadows.