Photo Retouching

Photo Retouching and Enhancement

If you don't have the good fortune to be able to engage the services of a professional photographer, then sometimes you can end up with photos that just don't cut the mustard!
Then there are times when time is of the essence and you need to get a shot of an event or moment, but the end result doesn't come out quite like you imagined it would.

Here at Bulldog Creatrix, we have seen it all - photos with important elements missing, images with unwanted elements included!  We have received images that are over exposed, under exposed, blurry, torn and coffee stained....but worry not!
We are experts at photo retouching and manipulation.  After we have finished with what you thought was a catasrophe, we like to think nobody will even notice it has ever been touched.

Check out these examples to see how we did it.


The boys are back!

This was the final result for a junior cricket end-of-season presentation certificate.

Unfortunately, when the first photo was taken, not everybody was present.  Worse still, when the late comers arrived, others had already left!  So we had to compile an image which showed all of the team as one.  We did it be combining parts of other images and working our magic.   These are the photos we started off with...

Typical cost for this standard of work $240AU


Making a happy home

These before and after images show how we were able to bring a bit of life into this house that was for sale.  Recent storms just before the photo was taken has deshevelled the entire scenne.  The lawn was a mess, the clouds had darkened the greenery and the water stained fence looked like it was due for demolition.

So we set about brightening up the future of this sorry looking abode...

Typical cost for this standard of work $30AU







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