When Clarity Taxation moved from one iconic building in Croydon North to an equally distinctive one in Belgrave, the Bulldogs sharpened their pencils!
We were to embark on a new journey with some old friends!

We had already worked with Clarity Taxation when they started up in 2013 when we were commissioned to design a logo and corporate identity.  They had secured premises in Croydon North in the Melba Hall - an historic landmark venue, originally established by Dame Nelly Melba back in 1927.

It required some serious renovations and a good lick of paint, but retained it's Art Deco charm.  We couldn't let that heritage opportunity pass during the development of their corporate identity. We designed a large format hoarding for the foyer of the building, featuring an Art Deco interpretation of Minerva - the goddess of wisdom and commerce (amongst others, of course!).

The resulting image came to be closely associated with the business over the years and we were able to use Minerva in marketing and advertising for Clarity Taxation throughout their tenancy in Melba Hall.

In 2020, right in the midst of the Covid-19 lockdown in Victoria, the lease on Melba Hall expired.  It was time for change, so after months of negotiation, a new lease was signed for premises in Belgrave in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges.

Anyone who has visited this township will be aware of the extensive fine mural paintings that adorn the main street in Belgrave.  Amongst those is the old coffee shop and gift store at number 1658.

The frontage of this shop is adorned with a beautiful country garden scene of flowers and natural flora.  It is an outstanding building and with the extensive rooms on the lower level, it made for a perfect new home for Clarity Taxation.

We were very keen not to tamper with the artwork on the building, but instead, we aimed to grow the existing brand design to complement what was there.

When we were asked, the Bulldogs jumped at the chance to take on the task!.

We decided to make Minerva front and foremost in the reworked branding.  Resident illustrator Pete Rowe worked on the makeover of Minerva, adjusting and tweaking the illustration to fit into our new corporate identity approach.

We also reworked the colourways to bring it in line to its surroundings in Belgrave.  The original heritage creams and greens gave way to a more organic blue teal and green feel.  We spent a long time ensuring that we never lost the essence of the original identity but aimed to refine it.

Of course, all of that corporate identity was fed through to the stationery as well as the signage and a blank alley door next to the shop.

This alley door proved to be the perfect place for Minerva to stretch out towards the shop in her classic Art Deco pose offering up the apple of prosperity.  We now feel that Minerva has become the very symbol of fortune embedded into the identity of Clarity Taxation.

We were delighted with the outcome, as were Clarity Taxation.  We feel the locals are pleased too, that we have respected the community and embraced the heritage of the area in our design work.

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