thermoplastic modellingThere are few things we love more at Bulldog Creatrix than packaging design.

Every product we are commissioned to design packaging or labels for has its own set of challenges and a range of products from Polymech were no exception! Two industrial use products that were to transition to retail.

Polymech are long time clients of Bulldog Creatrix.  They supply and manufacture liquid plastic solutions and are in the process of entering the competitive retail arena with some of their products.

Two in particular are the flagships of their venture. Both are industrial plastic products and both are  perfectly suited to the retail market - especially craft, scrapbooking and hobbyist sectors.

Thermoplastic Beads

The first is a remarkable product called Thermoplastic Beads. At first glance they look like those irritating polystyrene balls you see in some packing boxes - you know, the ones that spill on the floor and scatter to places where they linger for months!

But these are not polystyrene - they are plastic.  The remarkable thing about them is that when you add hot water, they dissolve into a clear putty-like substance that can be moulded and formed into any shape you want.  Let it cool and you have a hard plastic object!

We love this product and had great fun forming objects that we could use to market them (see the plastic rose above).

So how to design a retail pack for plastic beads with such potential?

Well, we needed to come up with a name; thermoplastic beads is hardly a snappy brand for something so brilliant!

We pondered fpor a while and decided that the properties of these little beads that could be turned into platic objects was just magic. 'Magic' was too hackneyed for our liking, but we wanted to maintain the impression that the word conjures up (excuse the pun), so we decided 'Wizard' was a more suitable name and gave the ownership of the transformation back to the user.

thermo plastic beads craftWe also wanted to be self-explanatory in the name of the product, so kept it simple and used the name 'Plastic Wizard'. It's almost magical and it's plastic!

We were lucky that the nature of the product almost dictated that it be supplied in a container.   This meant that we could concentrate all of our creative energy into the wrap around label.

In a relatively limited space, we had to convey the simplicity, yet versatility of the product.  Describing how tiny little plastic beads can be transformed into rigid plastic objects by just adding hot water was a challenge.

What better way, than actually transforming them and showing what you could do.  That's where the plastic rose came in! We thought it was going to be a challenge, but it was incredibly easy (for us, anyway). Simply pouring the beads into hot water and moulding the petals, the rose began to take shape. Making each petal, and whilst still maleable, adding to the rose, we soon built up a realistic rendition of the flower.

Because the beads are white, a black background was a no-brainer. We developed the brand logo, took some photos of the rose and the making process and soon our label was taking shape.

Some graphics to describe the process were designed for the back of the label, along with instructions and mandatory precautions until the retail label was complete! We, and our client, are confident the Plastic Wizard will jump off the shelves when introduced to craft stores and other outlets.  It's already a hit with the cosplay fanatics!

Brush-on Latex Rubber

The second product is also appealing to the craft and hobby enthusiast.  Latex is a naturally occuring rubber. Polymech's latex has additional additives to allow it to be brushed onto objects, forming a thin layer of rubber. With each additional layer applied, the rubber gets thicker until the object is covered in a lexible rubber coat.  The latex is fluid enough to cover every detail of the object, so when it is dry, it can been 'peeled off' the object to give a perfect mould of the object.

This rubber mould can then be filled with Plaster of Paris or even concrete that can fill every detail of the mould.

Once dry, the rubber mould can be peeled away, giving an exact replica of the original object!

The latex rubber is so durable, the mould can be used again and again, casting replicas of the original.

We tried it on various originals with consistent success and accuracy of the mould.

The Latex is, of course, fluid and is similar in appearance and consistency as PVA glue.  Therefore the same plastic containers that were used for the Plastic Wizard could be also used for the Latex.

brush on latex rubber mouldAgain, that left us with the freedom to concentrate on the branding and the label.

Because both the latex and the thermoplastic beads were intended for similar market targets, we decided to brand both in the same 'family' of products.

The issue was what to name the latex rubber product. Just calling it latex or rubber didn't really define its purpose - to make replicas. We wanted to keep it as a 'Wizard' product so in the end, and after much thought, we created the brand 'Clone Wizard'.

The logo was designed to reflect the texture of the mould and we used photography again to display the process and finished product.

To diferrentiate it clearly from its sister product, we used a green background - a colour shown to be friendly and relaxing on the eye.

The final label complemented the Plastic Wizard perfectly on the shelf, whilst maintaining the family link.

Overall, both products gave us a lot of creative scope and a fascinating insight into the world of craft and hobbies.

Both products are available online at Polymech's website: polymech.com.au




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