wine label designWhen Wholefood Merchants in Ferntree Gully embarked on a new range of vegan wines, Bulldog Creatrix were engaged to design the labels to give them that 'outside the box' feel that we are renowned for.

The result was something that is a departure from the normal, run-of-the-mill design you see stacked on the wine shelves every day!

Wholefood Merchants, as their name implies, supply wholesome, organic foods to the public from their store in Ferntree Gully.

Their clients appreciate the natural and unprocessed foods available here.

We spent a long time talking to the client and researching the product ranges in their extensive premises.  We also took the time to wander around the store and observe the customers as they perused the wares and made their purchasing choices.

Shraz wine label designerUnlike regular High Street supermarkets, we noticed the customers were more relaxed in their shopping experience.  They would take much more time comparing and reading labels.  This is a dream for the Bulldog Creatrix design team!

Often in this world of hectic shopping, packaging design can sometimes be dictated to by the environment in which it is displayed. It is a particularly competitive space in which to compete with other shelf products and only the very best designers can get potential buyers to stop and pick up their clients' product.

In this case, we considered the customers were empowered to be more discerning in their attitude to packaging.  This gave us the freedom to be more creative in our approach.

We determined our design strategy on the core values of the product and its customers and reflected those values in the label designs.

The product pedigree was unquestionable.  Made from locally grown ingredients and using vegan-friendly processes, the range of wines are of the highest standards in taste.

Our approach was to design the labels that portrayed the rustic, yet quality values of the wines. We gave them a natural, farmhouse feel, using earth colours and unpretentious typography. The front labels included images of the real grapes on a natural wood background, with hand written labeling to convey that 'homemade' feel.

The back label that contained the information about the wine, was designed to look like a hand made label - creases and all!

Overall the final design sat perfectly in the Wholefood Merchant brand and customer profile environment.

The end result was one of our favourite packaging designs! Creative, concise and perfectly pitched to the target market.

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