Wizzpegs featured in Take 5 Magazine

Wizzpegs have been featured in the popular entertainment and affairs magazine, Take 5.

The article tells the story of Wizzpegs and how they started from humble beginnings to become the popular, much sought-after, must-have gadget that it is today.

Wizzpeg socksavers sock pegs

Invented by Victorian, Stan Wierzbicki, Take 5 features an interview with Stan's wife Kerrie to get an insight into the difference this remarkable, but simple little laundry aid can make to every day families.

Those of you who have had the good luck to purchase Wizzpegs, will already be aware of how fantastic they are.  Not only do they bring an end to the legend of the lost socks, but their durability and versatility makes them indispensible.

Coloured Wizzpegs sock saversWe hear stories of how people use them to colour co-ordinate their family's socks - Blue for dad, Pink for mum, Green for Sally, Red for Jack - the peg stays with the socks from the moment they go into the wash until the time they are taken out of the drawer to be worn!

We've even heard of customers using Wizzpegs for sealing opened packets, hanging drying artwork and even one customer who uses them to colour co-ordinate their documents in a filing cabinet!  This is because they are so strong, have a lockable grip and withstand the harshest environments a peg can edure.

Wizzpegs can be ordered online at www.wizzpeg.com.

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