Google News - are you responsive

Are you responsive?

Google launched an upgrade in April 2015, that could see some websites lose there ranking in search queries carried out on mobile phones.

With the access to websites by mobile growing at an exponential rate, Google is now starting to monitor whether websites are mobile-friendly (responsive).  Those that aren't will be bypassed in the rankings in favour of those which are designed to respond to the device on which the website is being viewed.

 This could be catastrophic to those who are dependent on getting leads from Google searches.

We were on top of this a few years ago, when we saw that the mobile usage for internet browsing was growing.  All of our sites are now built on a responsive platform, enabling site visitors to view the website on all devices - desktop computers, small screen laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

If your site is not responsive, you will find that when viewd on a small screen, the text is tiny, the whole site does not fit on the screen and you will not be able to tap on links because they are too small or too close together.

To check whether your site is mobile-friendly, the easiest and quickest way is to drag the bottom corner of your desktop browser window and shrink the window.

You should see all the text and graphics resize and the menu bar disappear and turn into an icon.

If this doesn't happen, you need a rebuild...and fast!

There are a few stop gaps to help mobiles reconfigure the information, but they are a band aid fix and there is no guarantee that Google will not see through the fix and punish those sites anyway.

Our advice is to bite the bullet and get the site rebuilt on an appropriate platform.  It will pay off in the future.

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