What is branding?

In these days of misinformation, the term 'branding' is often misused or misunderstood.
Getting a logo designed is not branding, for example.  It is part of a business's branding – a pivotal part, in fact – but it is not branding in its own right. 

Cut price design and print?

We have all seen the blanket advertising, especially in social media, by design and print farmers.  Are they any good and is it right for you?

Rebranding Case Study – Tealeaves

Tealeaves are Melbourne's premier tea merchant with a core import, manufacture, wholesale and retail business, serving tea drinkers and the tea industry in all Australian states and several Asian countries. They also have their own unique retail outlet in the popular tourist destination of Sassafras in the Dandenong Ranges.


Doing the Home Work

With the monumental rise in the numbers of people working from home, it is worth taking the time to consider some very important recommendations for your health and safety when using computers at home.

thermoplastic modellingThere are few things we love more at Bulldog Creatrix than packaging design.

Every product we are commissioned to design packaging or labels for has its own set of challenges and a range of products from Polymech were no exception! Two industrial use products that were to transition to retail.

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